Joani deVries

I have arrived at the Mindful Living program with the intention of putting my years of practice into action with the support of a community. Having been a high school teacher for many years and raised a family, I am interested in blending meditation practice with daily communal interactions. The people here are kind and thoughtful, process oriented and also productive. What I bring to the mix is some mentoring skills and a long time meditation practice. My personal area of concern is global climate change and seeking positive solutions to the local impact that rising sea levels will bring. I am a native of San Francisco and have lived in the East Bay for the past three decades. The program gives me a chance to further expand my understanding of Tibetan Buddhism.

Ignacio Ercole

Ignacio Ercole (they/them) is a latinx psychologist, artist and mindfulness trainer. They have been trained as a psychodrama facilitator and contextual and mindfulness based therapy psychology. They are passionate about teaching mindfulness programs for general audiences and for educators including mindful art classes and mindful eating sessions. They are completing teacher training programs in Full Presence Mindfulness and Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga. Currently supporting Mangalam Center in Graphic and Web Design and as an advisor for Mindful Living program. 

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Marion Frank

I’m Brazilian, a journalist full time dedicated to exploring what exists within and is reflected externally. My relationship with Mangalam started in August 2018; here I’ve been working with Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga and Meditation classes, and also taking care of the backstage of this building… And you know what? When you are fully aware of your experience, it’s easy to feel the sun illuminating the daily routine.

Currently on sabbatical. 🙂

Hugh Joswick

Hugh Joswick became involved with Tarthang Tulku’s Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center in the early 1990s through video projects. He then began studying and practicing at the Nyingma Institute where he now teaches. He holds a Ph.D. from Yale University in American Studies, and a B.A. and M.A. from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. He has taught philosophy at the university level and is currently the Managing Editor of Mangalam Press, the publishing arm of Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages, which focuses primarily on scholarly works in the fields of Buddhist and Religious Studies. Hugh is involved with the Mindful Living program as a teacher, advisor and project participant.


Wei Li King

wei li king (they/he) is a second-generation, Asian-American storyteller and movement builder that strives to create spaces for people to explore their edges, create beauty and deepen their connection with mind, community and the land they are on. Before becoming a resident at Mangalam, wei li was building the decentralized web and has 7 years of work experience in the technology sector as an engineer and program manager. Concern for hypergrowth and individualism in venture capital backed companies pushed wei li’s path towards ancestral healing, creative inquiry and engaged Buddhism. At Mangalam, wei li participates as a facilitator for the Mindful Living residency, TA for classes, and in community program development, outreach and engagement. wei li is also in the final 3 months of a year long, 288 hour Kum Nye Teacher Training program led by the Nyingma Institute.

Karin Meyers

Karin Meyers (she/her) is a Buddhist studies scholar and activist. She has taught Buddhist studies in the US and abroad, including seven years at Kathmandu University and Rangjung Yeshe Institute’s Centre for Buddhist Studies in Nepal. She has practiced in both Theravāda and Tibetan Buddhist traditions.  These days she is particularly interested in exploring the ways Buddhist thought and practice challenge us to respond to current social and ecological crises. She serves as Academic Director of Mangalam Research Center and as an instructor in the Mindful Living Program.

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Jack Petranker

Jack has studied the Dharma and the mind for many decades. Under the guidance and inspiration of Tarthang Tulku, he has written or edited more than a dozen books, served as the dean of the Nyingma Institute, and taught a wide range of topics. He developed Full Presence Mindfulness and the Mindful Living Program as explorations in the ongoing adventure of transmitting the teachings of the Buddha in ways that speak to the West, including secular approaches. Jack guides the activities of the Mangalam Buddhist Research Center, which serves to connect Mangalam with the academic world. As a former lawyer and student of political theory, Jack is interested in shaping the Mangalam mission toward addressing the critical needs of our time.

Morgan Wells

Morgan Wells (she/they) is the director of the Center for Creative Inquiry. She is a practitioner of TSK and Buddhism who has been studying under Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku’s senior students since 2007. She completed the Nyingma Institute’s Path and Practices of Liberation program (1,200 hours) in 2010 and Four-Month Human Development Training Retreat (638-hours) in 2014. Her classes focus on Skillful Means, which emphasizes work as a path to liberation. Morgan is also a lawyer and a full-time working mom of twin toddlers.